"Five More Minutes" Fine Art Print

$15.00 USD

"Five More Minutes" is a piece about the beauty of a kiss and not being able to pull away. It also connects to the common sensual phenomenon that kissing pauses or slows time. This piece is a call for us to reevaluate our appreciation for this caring action and recognize the power and beauty it holds.

8" x 10" Fine Art print on Heavy Cardstock 1 sided satin

April 2020 - The Museum of Contemporary Art Visual Art Exhibition // Los Angeles, CA
August 2020 - Popped Just For You Exhibition // Manhattan, NY
August 2020 - Young Artists Magazine Issue No. 1

Art prints are high quality reproductions of original paintings. They have a satin finish on one side and each piece is hand signed by Lily Mihailovic.

“How do we stop time? We stop it by kissing. Whether it's a gentle peck or French kiss, it pauses the world around you for a short duration of time.” -Lily Mihailovic